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Summit of Yarigatake, Japan Alps

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Tofana Route, Dolomites, Italy

Chris Viney

Chris Viney is an Australian freelance writer with interests in commercial, corporate, interpretation, outdoor, travel and environment-related themes. In his three-decade writing career he has worked as a travel writer, advertising copywriter, public relations consultant and magazine editor.

He has extensive experience in the research, writing and editing of interpretation material, working with graphic designers on displays and signage at visitor centres, museums, drive trails and interpreted walking routes around Tasmania.

Chris has tertiary qualifications in Arts and Education from the University of Tasmania. He established his full-time writing and editing business Pavlov’s Dog in December 1993, and now writes a wide selection of material for a broad client base in Tasmania and interstate.

Summit of Fuji-san, Japan

What can I do for you?

As an experienced freelance writer in the commercial field, I can produce effective written communication – on brief, on budget and on time. 

I work for a wide variety of clients, and I’ve learned how to write convincingly on a broad range of subject areas. I know how to listen, so I can take an accurate brief and respond to it clearly and appropriately. 

Although I learned my trade in the world of advertising, I’m not an off-the-wall creative wanker. I can keep a budget under control, and I know my way around the language. My proofreading is precise and thorough.

I regard commercial writing as a craft, not an art form. I aim to write with clarity, style and accuracy. I don’t like pompous, self-indulgent puffery, purple prose or cliches.

I can write:

– Hard-hitting copy that sells

– Exciting copy that fires the imagination

– Straightforward copy that informs

– Imaginative copy that sets a mood

– Persuasive copy that convinces

Or whatever combination answers the brief.

A few examples of my work

Why Pavlov's Dog?

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian psychologist who first described the behaviourist theory of ‘conditioned response’. Observing that dogs salivate when they see food, he ran an experiment in which he rang a bell at feeding time, and was soon able to ‘condition’ the dogs into salivating at the sound of the bell alone.

 ‘At the Sound of the Bell’ is the name of one of the records of a great old 70s St Louis rock band called Pavlov’s Dog. As a freelance writer, I needed a business name that would catch the attention of my editors and clients. I happened to be listening to the band at the time that I was thinking about it, and I pinched the name.

 The hand and bell logo and the slogan ‘Words to drool over’ came later.

 Simple as that!


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